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UOS Sculpture Park

The UOS sculpture park has been open for many years but has not enjoyed great renown in the Istanbul art world. The reasons for this are many, the most important being that the main sculptors, artists and creatives daily labouring away in this hive of industry were unaware that the OUS is actually a sculpture park. They were under the impression that this venue was a place to have one's motor vehicle repaired, resprayed or scrapped. Contrary to this misconception the large area of workshops and studios is the scene of astonishing ingenuity. Fuelled by copious amounts of tea the UOS daily produces installations, sculptures and real-life experiences. Everywhere one looks, in corners, workshops and garages the existence of intricately crafted metallic 3D works of art can be seen. The skills used to produce these artefacts range from welding, reconditioning, recycling, hammer work and even extend to the use of large cranes with electro-magnets.

Umraniye Oto Sanayi - Entrance is free.

Back end of a Truck - Watercolour on Paper


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