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Urban Iconography

There are times when one needs to experiment with a completely new medium. Following my fascination with ageing and rusting environments in April and May of 2022 I produced a series of works made from sheet iron.....

The atmosphere of the old quarter of Istanbul, home of the Orthodox Patriarchate, swirls like an exotic potion, loaded with rich ingredients flowing down through the millennia. From this context I produced works using a patina of rust mixed with ancient religious insignia, creating a cocktail of texture, symbol and colour. Scarred, gashed rusting iron reference the shocking notion at the heart of Christianity that God was subjected to torture and violence, thus subverting notions of power and authority. News of war and destruction, metal objects ripped and torn with the force of fury and pain are embedded in the sharp rusting edges of iron ripped open with an angle grinder.

The mourning of a suffering world and ancient responses to those questions asked hang in the 18 works now showing in Keras Art Gallery, Balat Mah. Çorbacı Çeşmesi Sokak. No: 24 Fatih-İstanbul. Tel:05373254025 .

Open until the 27th November.



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