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How to purchase works of art

Email me on letting me know which piece of work you are interested in and your location (for shipping costs).

I will let you know the cost of the artwork and a quote for shipping. Quotes for International orders consist of cargo costs, packaging costs, insurance and any fees incurred if using Paypal or a similar service. If purchasing framed items the packaging costs are higher.

Overseas shipments (outside the UK) may be subject to import duties and taxes according to the laws of the destination country.  I endeavour to provide all the necessary paperwork for international customs, however, any additional charges due to import duties are at the customer’s expense. I have no control over these charges and can accept no responsibility for them.


If you would like to commission  a painting please contact me on

To get news about my work and exhibitions please enter your email address below:

Purchasing originals

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Artist Statement

My watercolours are products of a unique ecosystem of creative stimuli.

They are set in the cities of Istanbul or London and situated in industrial locations often in the shadow of ancient neighbourhoods. They portray the imprints left by human endeavour and the wear and tear of time. The results are a type of 'genre' style set in an industrial or urban environment. The presence of human toil in the productive process creates contexts unique to a time, culture and location. As the physical forces of erosion sculpt landscapes, so the forces of need, economy, time, skill and craft sculpt the scenes and objects I paint.


A ringside place in workshops, garages and yards enables me to enter into dialogue with those who inhabit the scenes I paint; their lives and stories often haunt the finished visual images. This dialogue serves to enrich the journey of exploration and invites further connection between the artist, viewer and craftsperson.


Although my depictions of shoes, boots, gloves and tools are realist, they emphasise abstract shapes and lines which emerge after placing a compositional frame upon an everyday scene of industrial objects or location. Texture and colour are used to create depth and mood.


David Poxon, Angus McEwan and George Politis have inspired my watercolour technique. I’m fascinated by Shanti Panchal and Georgia O’Keefe’s use of colour and form. Photograhers like Ara Güler and Don McCullin have also strongly influenced me. The Industrial neighbourhoods of Istanbul have provided the milieu for my work in the last ten years. The presence of small-scale artisanal industry in the city continues to provide the environment where personality and skill remain evident in the industrial process.


Although the scenes of labour found in my work are often a theatre of conflict and injustice, I work to honour the human will to survive, create and provide. Whilst striving to respect the scenes I paint and those who have crafted them, the reward comes when my artistic endeavour draws those involved to engage in the artistic process and acknowledge their place within it. I hope their welcoming of me into their alien world is reflected in my works which are a litany of friendships, encounters and cups of tea.

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