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Piles of paper remained on the desk. There were old invoices, tool catalogues, boxes of cigarettes and random items scattered in small piles of absent minded hurry.

It was more of a workshop than an office. Encroaching dust and grease were etched on the surfaces of notes which should sooner or later end up in the hands of the accountant who would craft some tax declaration from the chaotic shards of paper . Illegible scribbles recorded on the nearest surface available would be lost and found as quotes, phone numbers and names mentioned by callers looking for the repair of their electronic tools.

Like fungus, paper petals grew from the walls around nails conveniently poised as useful places to hang scribbles which were once meaningful and urgent, but now forgotten and fading into the tired decaying walls.

Watercolour/collage on Paper

33cm x 36cm on 300 gm paper



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