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Abstract obsolescence

We would sit, drink tea and mull over domestic and international developments. The events in Istanbul in 2013 seemed alarming as demonstrations rocked the centre of the city. We then watched as the UK voted itself out of the EU. It looked like the world was changing, if only we'd known what was to come!

We saw a coup attempt rip through the country in 2016 and the populace bravely stand up for democracy, although the ripples of this have gone on for years. Then just when we were seeing life tick along nicely Covid hit and we all know what that was like! I'd comment on how we'd had a few horsemen of the apocalypse sauntering around our streets and maybe we'd be spared the 'pale rider' (war!).

We are still drinking tea (price has gone up!), we're a lot more careful with the electric heater as energy prices peak. At least traffic is reducing and we're not wearing facemasks anymore.

Watercolour on 400gm paper



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