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Ewen MacDonald works in watercolour and acrylic. Many of his paintings are inspired by the lives  of men working with their hands in small-scale industry. His work in watercolour focuses on the objects and scenes from their work and the texture of their lives. His acrylics on wood are currently continuing his watercolour explorations of texture and shape through a different medium branching out into abstract work .

The city of Istanbul is host to most of the exhibitions Ewen has been a part of. He has exhibited with the Royal Institute for Painters in Watercolour at the Mall Galleries London and also with the Royal Watercolour Society.  He has been involved in many arts projects in the city of Istanbul and also in London curating events for aspiring artists, photographers and creatives.

Ewen has a degree from University College London and a teaching diploma from the Institute of Education London University, he was born in the UK in 1967, worked in London, Kashgar and Istanbul.

Istanbul March 2021

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